DDD Exploration, Inc. (pronounced 3-D Exploration) is a subchapter S corporation created in 1991 to explore for oil and gas using 3-D seismic data. We are experts in acquisition, processing and interpretation of 3-D seismic data. DDD Exploration explores for and develops oil and gas reserves in the Hardeman and Dalhart Basins. DDD Exploration shot the first 3-D seismic surveys in Hardeman County, TX (1991), Jackson County, OK (1992) and Chaves County, NM (1992).

Thomas & Franklin Ratliff cofounded DDD Exploration in 1991. Thomas was working as a production geophysicist for Mobil E&P and Franklin was working as an attorney for a law firm in Lubbock, TX before quitting their jobs to form the company. DDD Exploration was initially based in Midland, TX before moving the company to Lubbock, TX in 1992 and finally to Amarillo, TX in 1995 where it is presently headquartered.

DDD Exploration has shot hundreds of square miles of 3-D seismic and has discovered millions of barrels of oil. DDD Exploration discovered and drilled the largest well ever found in Jackson County, OK (the Ratliff operated Hankins #1 has flowed over 945 MBO to date). DDD Exploration is presently the largest oil producer in Hartley County TX, the 2’nd largest oil producer in the Dalhart Basin and the 30th largest oil producer in the Texas Panhandle.